Interstellar Funk Ace & Tate Sounds x Red Light listening session

Rush Hour prodigy Interstellar Funk served up a special performance for Ace & Tate’s birthday celebration. 

The event, in collaboration with Red Light Radio, was made up of a 5-hour listening session in which they invited 5 artists to select records for an hour each. Housed in the basement of Red Light Radio’s new store, the setting was very personal with guests sat cross-legged just a few feet away from the DJ

To kick things off, the Amsterdam-based Interstellar Funk takes us through a series of cuts that are hard to place – at times cosmic and wave sounding, there’s a distinct industrial feel to his set. We get to hear hypnotic minimal synth ventures, tribal drums, disembodied guitars and haunting vocals. It’s a listen that is at times tense, but totally enthralling.’

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