Sassy J at Operator Radio

Swiss selector Sassy J laid down a great selection of music on the 360 Degrees show at Operator last month.

Operator is one of the latest radio hotspots in the Netherlands found in the humble city of Rotterdam. It offers a free and open platform for local and passing artists to provide a daily soundtrack looking over an often vibrant beer garden. 

On last months 360 Degrees show was the creative and charismatic Sassy J. After a 55-minute introduction of soothing sounds from host Thelonious she took the reigns with an offering of musical gems from her trusty record bag. She put together a diverse mix subtly moving from Shelia Hylton reggae vibes to the powerful hip-hop lyrics of House Shoes in the opening sequences. Over the duration of the rest of the show, she touches on seductive disco, slick R&B and wraps thing up with an offering of solid house grooves. Check it out below. 

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