DJ Nobu playlist for Crack Magazine

With an undeniable knack for digging it comes to no surprise DJ Nobu was next up on Crack Mag’s Selection playlist series.

DJ Nobu has been heavily evolved in Japan’s underground music scene for 20+ years strong. Back in the 90’s you could find him diving between the hardcore and punk scenes before his world got flipped upside down after watching the mighty Jeff Mills perform. Since then DJ Nobu has worked his way to the forefront of Japan’s techno scene forming his infamous party series Future Terror and highly adored label Bitta.  Ahead of his performance at NeoPop festival this August he reflected on his long history with music to curate a playlist for Crack Mag’s Selections playlist series on Spotify. 

Digging through his 10,000 strong record collection DJ Nobu captured the past the and the present touching on the early works of Juan Atkins as Model 500 to the brutalist minimalism of Mika Vainio. He fills the gaps with an unpredictable selection that runs from techno to new wave to indie showcasing his diverse taste in music. Altogether the playlist captures several different moods, lines of thought and emotions. Have a listen and see what you think for yourself below.

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