Juju & Jordash on Worldwide FM

Jordan and Gal (aka Juju & Jordash) are of course better known as live improvisational masters, but they are also highly accomplished DJs and selectors in their own right. 

The International Tribe show is a new addition to Worldwide FM that runs as weekly mix series. The final show of July saw our very own Juju & Jordash lay down their usual weapons of choice, that being a healthy amount of studio toys, for a rare occurrence behind two decks and a mixer. 

Wasting no time at all the pair get straight down to business with an energetic display of house and techno. The mix is a fresh reminder of the exceptional DJ skills the mighty duo possess that are often overlooked due to their incredible abilities as live performers. Expect cuts from Jeff Mills, Will DiMaggio, STL and more. 

In other news, Juju & Jordash’s main stage live set alongside Shawn Rudiman at Dekmantel Festival was chosen by Resident Advisor as one of ‘Five key performances’..

The completely improvised 1.5 hr set was only the second time the three had played together, but the risk pulled off landing acclaim and praise from all who were in attendance. Read more here

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