Legowelt DJ mix for Trax Mag

The enigmatic live performer steps behind the decks to deliver the latest episode of the Trax Mag podcast series. 

Ahead of his forthcoming EP “Omnibus Babylon” on Clone’s West Coast Series sub-label plus the LP release of his 2015 album “Oberheim Space” under his Rising Sun Systems the multitalented Legowelt puts together a tasty DJ mix for the much loved French music & culture magazine Trax. 

As the main man puts it himself, the mix covers “everything from Jamaican 707 dub disco to Canadian proto house to Australian 808 funk to NJ Freestyle to Detroit House and lots lots more garnished with the Nomium crystal diode mixer sound”. Over the duration of 90 minutes, you can expect high energy fueled tracks by the likes of Ron Morelli and Auxx 88 which are equally met with the soothing sounds of artists like Rick Wilhite and The Pet Shop Boys. This one has a lot to offer, tune in below! 

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