Legowelt talks production tips with Xlr8r

The mighty Dutch studio wizard shares an insight into his production methods in this piece for Xlr8r.

Danny Wolfer’s is a man of many aliases, since his debut release as Legowelt on Bunker records nearly 20 year ago he has amounted a discography like no other earning a reputation that he rightly deserves.

A foundation for this work is Wolfers’ unfaltering devotion to hardware—old and new. You don’t have to look too hard for video tours of his studio, and Wolfers is hardly reluctant to support other like-minded artists. His personal site hosts a wealth of sample packs, plug-ins, and information. In line we this, we asked Wolfers to delve a little bit deeper to discuss some of the key, lesser-known tips behind his work, and this is what he submitted.”

Without giving too much away the piece covers a wide selection of methods tips and approaches that you can begin to try out in your own studio. From “Inspirational Psychological Brain Hacks” that will challenge your conventional work process to “In-Depth Technical Tips” that offer some cunning studio tricks. This one has a lot to offer, read up here.

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