Wata Igarashi contributes track to XLR8Rplus release

Land­ing on the third edi­tion of XLR8Rplus is Japan­ese tech­no leg­end Wata Igarashi

As of recent the online music out­let Xlr8r have expand­ed into a record label with their XLR8Rplus series. The series is a new sub­scrip­tion ser­vice sup­port­ing inde­pen­dent music and jour­nal­ism. Each month we will share unre­leased exclu­sive tracks from dif­fer­ent artists that we feel are push­ing the scene for­ward in inspir­ing ways. These tracks will be avail­able for down­load in high qual­i­ty .wav for­mat for the dura­tion of one month; only sub­scribers for that par­tic­u­lar month will have them.” 

This months edi­tion fea­tures tracks from Roman Flügel, Einzelkind and a very famil­iar face in Wata Igarashi. In the short snip­pet below you will find Wata’s addi­tion Drift Away” is a high tem­po cut infused with spacey pads, arpeg­giat­ed melodies that are neat­ly packed with grit­ty dis­tort­ed drums. His crafty use of reverb gives the track depth leav­ing room in the mix for its hyp­not­ic synth lines to dom­i­nate the cut and to real­ly cap­ture the lis­ten­er. Take a lis­ten below! 

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