DJ Nobu collaborates with Cassegrain

Alongside a couple of other prominent names, DJ Nobu collaborates on the next Cassegrain EP.

Cassegrain, a Berlin-based duo made up of Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen, are set to release a new three-track EP on their own Arcing Seas label. The EP, titled “Collabs 01”, sees the duo join forces alongside DJ Nobu, Starlight and Tensal on three different cuts. “The three track EP showcases the duo’s natural affinity for collaboration, maintaining Evirgen & Tsiridis’ characteristic finish and attention to detail, whilst providing ample space for the guests to properly colour the work.”

CN01”, with DJ Nobu, is the most melodic cut you will find of the three tracks on the EP. It still maintains the same rousing energy as the opening cut, however, features a more psychedelic touch. With heavily sequenced synth lines, squelching motifs and long-winded breakdowns the three execute an impeccably produced cut that will no doubt resonate with many. Get a feel for the track in the preview below (at 1.36). 

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