DJ Nobu collaborates with Cassegrain

Alongside a couple of other prominent names, DJ Nobu collaborates on the next Cassegrain EP.

Cassegrain, a Berlin-based duo made up of Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evir­gen, are set to release a new three-track EP on their own Arc­ing Seas label. The EP, titled Col­labs 01”, sees the duo join forces along­side DJ Nobu, Starlight and Ten­sal on three dif­fer­ent cuts. The three track EP show­cas­es the duo’s nat­ur­al affin­i­ty for col­lab­o­ra­tion, main­tain­ing Evir­gen & Tsiridis’ char­ac­ter­is­tic fin­ish and atten­tion to detail, whilst pro­vid­ing ample space for the guests to prop­er­ly colour the work.”

CN01”, with DJ Nobu, is the most melod­ic cut you will find of the three tracks on the EP. It still main­tains the same rous­ing ener­gy as the open­ing cut, how­ev­er, fea­tures a more psy­che­del­ic touch. With heav­i­ly sequenced synth lines, squelch­ing motifs and long-wind­ed break­downs the three exe­cute an impec­ca­bly pro­duced cut that will no doubt res­onate with many. Get a feel for the track in the pre­view below (at 1.36). 

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