Interstelllar Funk Calypso interview

In a rush with Inter­stel­lar Funk.

Online music plat­form Calyp­so con­versed with the Ams­ter­dam based Inter­stel­lar Funk ahead of his gig at Opi­um Club in Vil­nius last week­end. Over the course of the inter­view, the Calyp­so team scratch beyond the sur­face and dug a lit­tle deep­er into what makes Olf Van Elden Inter­stel­lar Funk

With­out giv­ing all the details away, the inter­view touch­es on the past, present and future of his Arti­fi­cial Dance label, the evo­lu­tion of his sound, play­ing with Ele­na Colom­bi and more. Fol­low the link, here, to read the inter­view in its entirety. 

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