Juju & Jordash release on Freerotation records

One of the hardest working live acts and producers will land on the Welsh festivals record label. 

Freerotation mark their fourth release with another various artists release featuring the festivals residents and regulars.  The theme for this release is live hardware techno and the A side features two cuts from Juju and Jordash’s live improvised set from Freerotation 2017, while the flip showcases two of Freerotation 2017’s live hardware acts, the evergreen Shawn Rudiman from Pittsburgh USA, and the recently revived North-Easterners Cubic Space Collective.

If you tune into the clips below you will find that Juju & Jordash’s Cut 1 travels through deep waters toying with intricate melodies and sequences backed by soaring pads and sparse drum hits. Cut 2 however, is a stripped back affair with an emphasis in the low ends using bold bass lines and four to the floor drum patterns. Again Juju & Jordash show there many years of experience, keep your eye peels for this one dropping!

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