Marco Shuttle - The Moon Chant EP on The Bunker NY

The warm-blooded Italian returns to one of North America’s most exciting labels.  

Marco Shuttle has become a familiar face on The Bunker New York over the years and his relationship with the label is an interesting one. They mentioned “Marco Shuttle first caught our ear many years ago when we discovered his music the old fashioned way, picking up his Clone Store Only Series record at Halcyon in Brooklyn. This mysterious record led to becoming obsessed with his incredible, self-released podcasts that were floating around online at the time so we reached out to him and ended up working together to put his Fanfara EP out on our label in 2014, when he was almost unknown in North America. Since then, his music career has grown in leaps and bounds. He’s no longer at his day job in the fashion industry but tours and produces full-time, releasing albums on his own Eerie Records, Donato Dozzy and Neel’s Spazio Disponibile, as well as a string of killer EPs on several respected imprints.” 

Marco will now regroup with The Bunker New York for his next release titled “The Moon Chant” EP. Across three tracks the Eerie label boss showcases that unmistakable Marco Shuttle vibe with plenty of deliberate, slightly twisting melodies, shadowy disembodied echoing vocals, underpinned with punches of tautly layered rhythms. The opening track, given the same name as the EP, is a stripped back affair offering deeply infused drum patterns and stab notes laced with the harrowing chanting of a female voice. Tracks “Cyberia” and “Curve Pericolose” both have a lot more going on then the title track thanks to an array of meticulously crafted and intricate synth lines, melodies and sequences backed with firey drum work and oozing in dubby textures. Once again Marco Shuttle shows a comprehensive understanding of his craft executed wickedly in this 3 track EP. Get familiar with this one below.  

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