Neel & Peter Van Hoesen remix for Non Series

The two techno heavyweights deliver remixes of tracks by label owner Psyk.

Over the past several years Non Series has solidified itself as one of techno’s key labels. Since 2011 its has amounted a healthy 30 + releases coming from some of the most respected artists in the game. Their latest release comes in the form of a remix EP with 3 remixes by Shifted and our very own Neel and Peter Van Hoesen

Peter Van Hoesen delivers an all-out techno assault fueled by high tempo pounding drums, trippy sequences and very powerful rolling low ends. It transforms Psyk’s “Falling” into a peak hour dancefloor killer that will no doubt get a lot of playtime at a dancefloor near you! Then there is Neel’s alternative version of Psyk’s “Night Currents” which rivals the pounding nature of Peter’s remix but brings a deeper approach with slowly unfolding synth lines and alien motifs. Expect this one to get as much love also! Check out the samples below. 

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