Neel & Peter Van Hoesen remix for Non Series

The two tech­no heavy­weights deliv­er remix­es of tracks by label own­er Psyk.

Over the past sev­er­al years Non Series has solid­i­fied itself as one of tech­no’s key labels. Since 2011 its has amount­ed a healthy 30 + releas­es com­ing from some of the most respect­ed artists in the game. Their lat­est release comes in the form of a remix EP with 3 remix­es by Shift­ed and our very own Neel and Peter Van Hoe­sen

Peter Van Hoe­sen deliv­ers an all-out tech­no assault fueled by high tem­po pound­ing drums, trip­py sequences and very pow­er­ful rolling low ends. It trans­forms Psyk’s Falling” into a peak hour dance­floor killer that will no doubt get a lot of play­time at a dance­floor near you! Then there is Neels alter­na­tive ver­sion of Psyk’s Night Cur­rents” which rivals the pound­ing nature of Peter’s remix but brings a deep­er approach with slow­ly unfold­ing synth lines and alien motifs. Expect this one to get as much love also! Check out the sam­ples below. 

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