Neel releases on One Instrument

The Spazio Disponibile co-founder releases a two track EP created under the restriction of using only one instrument of his choice. 

One Instrument is one of the most interesting labels to come out of Berlin in the past couple of years. It’s run by the Dutch-Italian artist known as Grand River who’s debut album “Pineapple” landed on Spazio Disponibile earlier this year. Her imprint One Instrument releases compositions created by artists who have accepted the challenge to produce a sound experiment with the restriction of using only one instrument and adhering to specific guidelines. 

They believe, ” In a time where an overwhelming number of instruments exist, musicians do not often take the opportunity to fully explore the creative potential of each of their instruments.
One Instrument aims to counter-act this tendency by inviting artists to challenge their current creative processes through limiting them to the use of only one instrument of their choice.”

Marking the second release on the label is Neel with a solo record that features “Aria”, a 22 minute deeply routed piece made with the  E340 Cloud Generator of Synthesis Technology and “The Morning After”, composed with one of his favourite studio toys and a real classic, the Roland SH-01A.

Aria” came to life while Neel was preparing for one of his infamous live sets. When he stopped recording the oscillator kept running producing the sound and tones audible in the composition which can be heard below. “The Morning After” is one of the 9 experiments he created while using the boutique version of the Roland SH-01. The outcome is warm, bright and emotive which is very reminiscent of his work with Voices Of The Lake. Keep your eyes peeled for this one that will be available as of November 4th!

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