Peter Van Hoesen remix for Deep'a & Biri

The Belgian maestro provides an exciting remix for the Israeli duo. 

Earlier this year Deep’a & Biri released their well-received second full-length LP titled “Dominance”. Now the pair has invited a collection of much respected underground specialists to further unravel and reimagine the vital and sophisticated 10 track full length. Alongside Midnight Operator, Z.I.P.P.O,  Deniro and Wice is the one and only Peter Van Hoesen

Peter provides his usual complex and compelling methods to create an alternative version of their track “Voltage”. He deconstructs the original and expands each element in “myriad, rave-specific directions.” He finds depth in the track using echoing stab hits and haunting soundscapes that sit neatly behind the crisp and in your face drum hits. Tune into this one below! 

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