Donato Dozzy AIR Interview

AIR pod­cast sit down with the one and only Dona­to Dozzy

AIR is a inter­view pod­cast series hail­ing from Berlin that aims to explore a dif­fer­ent theme with a dif­fer­ent artist each episode. The series has pre­vi­ous­ly played host to the likes of Stef­fi, The Mole, Max Coop­er and many more. Their lat­est edi­tion fea­tures a true leg­end in the elec­tron­ic com­mu­ni­ty in the form of Dona­to Dozzy. Emma Robert­son the founder of AIR trav­elled to Rome to sit with Dona­to to talk about nature and sound, a con­ver­sa­tion that first start­ed two years ago at Ter­rafor­ma Fes­ti­val, and picked up this sum­mer in Rome.”

With­out giv­ing too much else away the con­ver­sa­tion touch­es on his child­hood, liv­ing in Italy, his music and how nature and sound inter­twine for him as an artist. Tune into the inter­view below and got more famil­iar with the pro­lif­ic artist that is Dona­to Dozzy.

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