Legowelt presents Star Shepard with a fresh LP

If you thought you heard it all get ready for the Star Shepherd! 

If your an avid follower of Legowelt you will know recently he built his own synthesiser which after some feedback was named “The Star Shepard”. The intriguing and elusive synth was made from old guitar pedals, FX and EQ boxes, a small AM radio and a 1981 Casio 403 keyboard and plays a very central role in the creation of his latest album “Current Explorations In Star Synthesis”. Joining the Legowelt camp under this new alias are fellow artists hailing from The Hague Baglover. 

Across 11 tracks the trio put the new build to good work producing all types of shapes and flavours “From sing-a-long existentialist exotica to power-noise ambient to wooly hypnotic saturated melodies”. The label writes, “embrace this new dawn in lo-fi counter culture synthesis and wash your virtues away!”. As you can usually expect with Legowelt the detail goes far beyond the music, the track titles themselves tell a whole story and the visual representation of the watercolour painted artwork also has a lot to offer. 

Current Explorations In Star Synthesis is out now via his own imprint Nightwind Records. Get a taste below! 

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