Bambounou on NTS

Parisian club DJ extraordinaire Bambounou supplies NTS with a channel hopping guest show. 

This December marked the first solo show on NTS Paris for one of the cities most exciting rising talents Bambounou. The title of the show ‘Itinéraires et Réflexions’ translates into Itineraries And Reflections as Bambounou explains in his warm welcoming voice over at the start of the show. He goes on to explain he prepared a lot of tracks that reflect what he listens to at home and out on the road alongside stuff from friends and also himself.

 He kicks off the hour-long show with a number of ambient cuts such as Neel’s “The Morning After” alongside the organic sounds of the LA-based artist Jessika Kenney. Just as things reach a state of bliss Bambounou flips things on its head as he moves onto a selection of experimental, techno and electro cuts including a couple of his own titles. He keeps things fresh, original while adding his own personal touch which gives the listener a deeper insight into who is Bambounou.

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