Bambounou on NTS

Parisian club DJ extra­or­di­naire Bam­bounou sup­plies NTS with a chan­nel hop­ping guest show. 

This Decem­ber marked the first solo show on NTS Paris for one of the cities most excit­ing ris­ing tal­ents Bam­bounou. The title of the show Itinéraires et Réflex­ions’ trans­lates into Itin­er­aries And Reflec­tions as Bam­bounou explains in his warm wel­com­ing voice over at the start of the show. He goes on to explain he pre­pared a lot of tracks that reflect what he lis­tens to at home and out on the road along­side stuff from friends and also himself.

He kicks off the hour-long show with a num­ber of ambi­ent cuts such as Neel’s The Morn­ing After” along­side the organ­ic sounds of the LA-based artist Jes­si­ka Ken­ney. Just as things reach a state of bliss Bam­bounou flips things on its head as he moves onto a selec­tion of exper­i­men­tal, tech­no and elec­tro cuts includ­ing a cou­ple of his own titles. He keeps things fresh, orig­i­nal while adding his own per­son­al touch which gives the lis­ten­er a deep­er insight into who is Bam­bounou.

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