Sebastian Mullaert AIR Interview

AIR podcast talk with Sebastian Mullaert about the art of live performing and improvisation.

AIR is a inter­view pod­cast series hail­ing from Berlin that aims to explore a dif­fer­ent theme with a dif­fer­ent artist each episode. The series has pre­vi­ous­ly played host to a bunch of excit­ing artists, most notably their last inter­view with the one and only Dona­to Dozzy. For their four­teenth edi­tion Emma Robert­son, the founder of AIR, trav­elled to Malmö, Swe­den to meet one of the coun­tries most estab­lished tech­no artists Sebas­t­ian Mullaert. 

With­out ruin­ing the inter­view for you to much, the exchange focus­es pri­mar­i­ly on Sebas­tian’s opin­ions on the art of live per­for­mance and impro­vi­sa­tion and how that has devel­oped from being a young child to his lat­est project, Cir­cle of Live. Lis­ten to the inter­view in its entire­ty below. 

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