Sebastian Mullaert live at Patterns of Perception.

Cast yourself back to late 2017 with this recording of Sebastian Mullaert as Wa Wu We live at Patterns of Perception.

2018 was a big year for Sebastian Mullaert which saw the birth of his latest collaborative project Circle Of Live. He also continued to put in hard work with his many solo projects including his Wa Wu We label and performing alias. To close the year off in style Sebastian published, in conjunction with Monument podcast series, a 2-hour excerpt of his live performance as WaWuWe at Patterns of Perception, held at OHM Berlin on December 1st 2017.

Over the duration of the 2-hour fragment, Sebastian guides you through a deeply introspective journey made up of meticulously crafted tones and textures. His intuitive use of warm pads and subtle melodies give the performance a dreamy ambience which are gracefully layered on top of stripped back drum patterns. The performance has its moments of head spacey extended breaks but equally has passages of intense dancefloor euphoria. The magic is certainly in the details with this one! Tune in below.  

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