Welcome Mike Parker

It comes with great pleasure to welcome a true techno legend to the Octopus family. 

Mike Parker’s experimental and ritualistic approach sets him apart from the rest and in a time of over-saturation he is still one of those few artists whose sound you can spot in a heartbeat. For 20 plus years, he has perfected a unique interpretation of techno, instantly recognisable to contemporary audiences, which has earned him a legendary global status inspiring the likes of Donato Dozzy and many of his peers for decades now.

From his humble beginnings to the present day Mike Parker has amassed an impressive list of credentials paving his own lane with a unique style that breathes innovation yet honours the true values of techno. And after 20 years in the game, Mike is still a dominant figure that continues to carve his own niche in the ever-expanding world of electronic music. 

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