Ron Morelli to feature on latest Berghain mix series

The L.I.E.S boss man will feature in the 9th installment of the mix series with an exclusive cut. 

Taking the reigns of the latest edition of Berghain’s ongoing mix series is American techno purveyor Vatican Shadow. Berghain 09 is set to be released mid march as a free download and accompanied by a double 12″ vinyl featuring exclusive tracks from industrial originator Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, as well as Virile Games, Los Angeles Death Cult, Volvox, JK Flesh, Alberich, Ugandan Methods, Prurient, Merzbow and our very own Ron Morelli.

Fernow calls the mix “a tribute to the techno mixtapes that influenced me during my introduction to raves and dance music in the ’90s”,


A1. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – ‘Ritual Music’
A2. Virile Games – ‘Black Iron Prison’
A3. Los Angeles Death Cult – ‘El Culto De Los Angeles De La Muerte’
B1. Ron Morelli – ‘Colts Neck’
B2. Volvox – ‘Becoming’
C1. JK Flesh – ‘Decontrol’
C2. Alberich – ‘Werkstatt’
D1. Ugandan Methods | Prurient – ‘Venom Timetables’
D2. Merzbow – ‘Loop 1’
D3. Merzbow – ‘Loop 2’
D4. Merzbow – ‘Loop 3’
D4. Merzbow – ‘Loop 4’
D6. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – ‘One Being, One Orientation, One Power’

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