Xosar presents new album The Possessor Possesses Nothing

Stepping out of the dark Xosar returns with another destructive LP

Xosar returns from the mystical interdimensional realms to present her latest album The Possessor Possesses Nothing. Landing comfortably on Bedouin Records, the nine-track outing showcases her progression in sound merging dark and twisted techno with psychedelic textures “as a kind of industrial-strength sonic soul cleanser.” 

“The making of the record was for her an exercise in decisiveness, action and liberation. This is music making in part as self-therapy - with Xosar cleansing herself from my own fears and embracing self-acceptance, self-trust, responsibility for oneself.  But the music was also created under a state of optimistic nihilism aimed directly at anti-perfectionism, anti-elitism, anti-censorship and anti-fear based programming.”

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