Xosar presents new album The Possessor Possesses Nothing

Stepping out of the dark Xosar returns with another destructive LP.

Xosar returns from the mys­ti­cal inter­di­men­sion­al realms to present her lat­est album The Pos­ses­sor Pos­sess­es Noth­ing. Land­ing com­fort­ably on Bedouin Records, the nine-track out­ing show­cas­es her pro­gres­sion in sound merg­ing dark and twist­ed tech­no with psy­che­del­ic tex­tures as a kind of indus­tri­al-strength son­ic soul cleanser.” 

The mak­ing of the record was for her an exer­cise in deci­sive­ness, action and lib­er­a­tion. This is music mak­ing in part as self-ther­a­py — with Xosar cleans­ing her­self from my own fears and embrac­ing self-accep­tance, self-trust, respon­si­bil­i­ty for one­self. But the music was also cre­at­ed under a state of opti­mistic nihilism aimed direct­ly at anti-per­fec­tion­ism, anti-elit­ism, anti-cen­sor­ship and anti-fear based programming.”

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