Bambounou FACT mix

That’s right, the Parisian groove master serves up the latest FACT podcast 

Bambounou has been putting in work these past few weeks. Firstly, we saw his debut release on Whities, a groove filled minimalistic EP spread across 3 tracks, which certainly turned some heads; check for yourself here! Following on from the release Bambounou also delivered the latest FACT mix with very compelling results. 

From the word go the mix sets dark and eerie tones as Bambounou welcomes you in with wobbling bass, snapping hits and sinister synth lines.  Throughout the mix, he keeps the energy rolling high with an offering of techno that at times infuses elements of African sounds, house influences and off-kilter rhythms. The hour-long affair hits hard when you want it to most but still gives you plenty of breathing room with playful grooves. 

Last but not least in Bambounou’s recent endeavours was his Moscow Boiler Room. Sadly, the performance was called off 5 minutes before he hit the stage due to the unannounced arrival of the police. However, they won’t stop him that easily, expect to see this one rescheduled sometime soon. For now, enjoy the podcast below! 

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