DJ Nobu reflects on 20 years of Japan's scene

Vice getting into the nitty-gritty details of Japan’s vibrant electronic music scene with DJ Nobu

So, the story goes, in 1994 DJ Nobu saw Jeff Mills perform in a Tokyo nightclub in what he described as “a life-changing experience.” Over the next 20 plus years, this encounter would shape the Japanese music lover into the techno icon we know today as DJ Nobu. Now a worldwide name, DJ Nobu first made his rise in his local scene and in time solidified himself as one of the countries most prominent fixtures. 

As you can imagine in such a long and healthy career Nobu has amassed a large collection of fond memories on the dancefloor. Vice sat down with the man himself to reflect on Japan’s scene and share some photo’s of raves, clubs and dancefloors he collected along the way. Get the full scoop, here

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