Legowelt returns to Clone with Star Simulator

Artisanal homemade crispy deep fried Amiga tracks with some spicey SP12 sauce - 12 bit splendour all the way!”

The creative gas tank certainly never seems to run dry for Legowelt. Just a few weeks on from the release of his collaboration EP with Animistic Beliefs, to be found here, he’s back adding to his discography with another outing on Clone. This time around on their Jack For Daze sub-label. The four-track EP titled Star Simulator, which is out now, sees Legowelt return to his signature raw, distorted and analogue fueled take on house. 

Travelling from star to star, from galaxy to galaxy, visiting any planet, moon, or asteroid with the ability to explore the alien landscapes. Legowelts Star Simulator alters the perception of space time and give you the ability to observe a nearby exoplanet or a faraway celestial phenomenon.”

Tracklist / 
A1 A Destination Awaits 
A2 I Have Seen Other Worlds 
B1 Star Simulator II 
B2 Deep Magic Begins Here

Across the four tracks, that all ooze in deep sludgy grooves, Legowelt makes great use of an Amiga and SP12 producing jacking rhythms, zaps, handclaps, analogue melodies and carefully layered chords. A dynamite record from start to finish, check it out below. 

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