Mike Parker Dekmantel Podcast

The one and only Mike Parker steps up for the latest Dekmantel podcast. 

Mike Parker has done a fine job of immortalising his name into electronic music over the last few decades. He is widely known for his meticulous take on techno that he capitalises on with the use of hypnotic grooves and a great amount of detail. However, in this podcast, that marks 223rd edition for the Dekmantel crew, he showcases a different side to his arsenal as he dismisses his usual heavy rhythms for an assortment of horizontally inclined selections.

Over the course of an hour, Mike takes us through a deeply detailed cinematic voyage through the ever-expanding corners of the universe. He deploys ambient fueled synths, slowly unwinding sequences, daunting pads and the occasional use of wind instruments “that set real scenes and have a real sense of narrative”. It’s most certainly an emotional affair having its moments of unchilling and spooky intensity which he equally matches with moments of purely blissful relaxation. 

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