Space Dimension Controller lands smoothly back on R&S Records!

More musical revelations coming from Space Dimension Controller.

He who con­trols the dimen­sions of space has been full of sur­pris­es this month. First­ly, out of nowhere, was the self-released, super lim­it­ed vinyl-only album he dropped titled Redemp­tion Of The Cry­onauts. Read more about that one here. Fol­low­ing on from that is the deliv­ery of this three track EP, ReSEQ, land­ing on the mighty R&S Records. 

1. Beyond Pul­so-IV 
2. First Con­tact with Sys­tem Lobit­so
3. Vaults Of Arcadia 

At present, you can sam­ple the open­ing track to the EP Beyond Pul­so-IV’ below. Across the near­ly 10-minute long affair Space Dimen­sion Con­troller merges speck­led sequences and soar­ing pads with funk dri­ven basslines and sub­tle drum hits with spec­tac­u­lar results. 

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