Space Dimension Controller lands smoothly back on R&S Records!

More musical revelations coming from Space Dimension Controller.

He who controls the dimensions of space has been full of surprises this month. Firstly, out of nowhere, was the self-released, super limited vinyl-only album he dropped titled Redemption Of The Cryonauts. Read more about that one here. Following on from that is the delivery of this three track EP, ReSEQ, landing on the mighty R&S Records. 

1. Beyond Pulso-IV  
2. First Contact with System Lobitso
3. Vaults Of Arcadia 

At present, you can sample the opening track to the EP ‘Beyond Pulso-IV’ below. Across the nearly 10-minute long affair Space Dimension Controller merges speckled sequences and soaring pads with funk driven basslines and subtle drum hits with spectacular results. 

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