Space Dimension Controller new album

Space Dimension Controller catches everyone by surprise with the release of Redemption Of The Cryonauts. 

In a rather unprece­dent­ed move, Space Dimen­sion Con­troller releas­es a new full-length album out of nowhere. The 13 track dou­ble-LP, titled Redemp­tion Of The Cry­onauts, lands on no label and lit­tle is real­ly known about the release. What we can tell you is that the album is a one-off press­ing lim­it­ed to 300 copies. 

At present, there are only a few snip­pets to be found online but they are def­i­nite­ly enough to absorb the ideas behind the album. The pre­views of tracks 2076 A.D. and Phase Pod Dis­per­sal both fea­ture arpeg­giat­ed synth lines and play­ful melodies dis­play­ing both cos­mic and new wave influ­ences. Cuts Xymah’s Creed and 8040’s Promise pack more of a punch with heavy hit­ting elec­tro drum pat­terns and dark tex­tures. Clos­ing titles, the last track of the album brings ambi­ent syn­the­sized tones giv­ing you a tatse for the LP’s broad vari­ety of sounds. For your chance to get a full lis­ten to Redemp­tion Of The Cry­onauts keep an eye of for it drop­ping this week. 

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