Space Dimension Controller new album

Space Dimension Controller catches everyone by surprise with the release of Redemption Of The Cryonauts. 

In a rather unprecedented move, Space Dimension Controller releases a new full-length album out of nowhere. The 13 track double-LP, titled Redemption Of The Cryonauts, lands on no label and little is really known about the release. What we can tell you is that the album is a one-off pressing limited to 300 copies. 

At present, there are only a few snippets to be found online but they are definitely enough to absorb the ideas behind the album. The previews of tracks 2076 A.D. and Phase Pod Dispersal both feature arpeggiated synth lines and playful melodies displaying both cosmic and new wave influences. Cuts Xymah’s Creed and 8040’s Promise pack more of a punch with heavy hitting electro drum patterns and dark textures. Closing titles, the last track of the album brings ambient synthesized tones giving you a tatse for the LP’s broad variety of sounds. For your chance to get a full listen to Redemption Of The Cryonauts keep an eye of for it dropping this week. 

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