Steve Bicknell - Constant Movement EP

The British legend is set to release his latest EP this spring!

Steve Bick­nell gears up his first release of 2019 which shall land on Gran­u­lart Record­ings. The label explains musi­cal­ly speak­ing the min­i­mum / max­i­mum rule has always been in his tracks, a few ele­ments but all of them fun­da­men­tal, mak­ing true abstract DJ tools for the most advanced dj’s.” In this endeav­our, Steve offers two orig­i­nal tracks fol­lowed by an ener­gized remix by Oscar Mulero. 

Kick­ing the EP off is title track Con­stant Move­ment’ which is high in tem­po, roar­ing by nature and most cer­tain­ly des­tined for the dance­floor. The mag­ic in this one comes in the sub­tle changes, a hard-hit­ting but play­ful sequence orbits pro­gres­sive drums which both open up slow­ly has to the track devel­ops. Oscar Mulero fol­lows suit, how­ev­er, offers a less intense stripped back ver­sion. Clos­ing the record out is Game Of Exis­tence’ that is noth­ing short of a mind-bend­ing. The cut focus­es on the low­er end of the fre­quen­cy spec­trum mak­ing great use of rolling basslines and again is great­ly detailed in its sub­tle but genius pro­gres­sions. Very seri­ous stuff, check out below! 

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