Jamie Tiller Beats In Space

All Tiller, no filler on Beats In Space.

Jamie Tiller recent­ly returned to the US for a series of shows. The trip includ­ed a stop off in the big apple where Jamie would once again broad­cast on one of the cities most infa­mous radio spots Beats In Space. 

Over the dura­tion of 74 min­utes, the Music From Mem­o­ry boss man digs deep into his record bag as he pieces togeth­er a very eclec­tic and diverse show. The mix is brim­ming with grooves, start­ing off very sub­tle as it eas­es you in but pro­gres­sive­ly gets heav­ier hand­ed as time goes on. With moments of pure acid fury, stripped backed per­cus­sive work outs and killer break­ing beats the show cer­tain­ly has a lot on offer. Check it out below! 

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