Juju & Jordash Slack Trax 2

The Slack are back... Juju & Jordash return with the second EP on their Slack Trax series.

The mighty live per­form­ing duo are back adding to their com­pelling discog­ra­phy via their most recent con­cept Slack Trax. If you are not famil­iar with the series check out the first instal­ment here. Fol­lowed by the live exten­sion of the series which takes snip­pets from their live per­for­mances across the globe. Check out more on that here

This lat­est EP kicks off with Flash­back Slack’ which is as play­ful as it is rhyth­mic. Vibrant sequences and chim­ing keys orbit a very dance­floor friend­ly four to the floor drum beat. The accom­pa­ny­ing A‑side, Spooky Rhodes Slack’, is a moody tech­no affair brim­ming with ener­gy in its rhythms and offer­ing head spacey and hyp­not­ic tex­tures in its melodies. Flip­ping the record over you will find Jupiter Slack’ which is a high octane jour­ney through the cos­mos. A whirl­wind of soar­ing pads and delayed stab notes are lay­ered across a cun­ning­ly repet­i­tive bass line. Last but cer­tain­ly not least is Heavy Swing Slack’. Much like the rest of the EP, the name gives you all the insight you need. Swing­ing jazz like drum pat­terns lay out a foun­da­tion for viva­cious bass notes, boomerang­ing synth lines and a warm assort­ment of alien motifs. Get a taste for Jupiter Slack’ below and the full EP here

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