Sassy J at NTS

Always packing gems, always smiling and always adding a little something special to your day. It´s Sassy J at NTS

Throughout 2018 and continuing into this year Sassy J has become a regular fixture at NTS London. Her deep knowledge of music alongside her many years of experience as a selector can always be found at the centre of every show. 

In this affair, the Bern native walks us through an elegant selection of soothing records. The opening sequences of the show are made up of rich, organic sounds backed by female vocals thanks to the likes of Oneness Of Juju and Zeze Motta. As the shows progress she keeps things unpredictable, like her usual self, touching on hip hop, house, funk, and Afrobeat. Tucked in nicely into the latter half of the show is Sassy J´s forthcoming release on Chromatic Universe On Visions. The funk-filled house jam, Jelly Bubble Rise, is a collaborative effort with Alex Attias and will feature on the labels next VA release later this month. More on that very soon! 

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