Steve Bicknell lands on Chronicle Records VA EP

Never failing to impress, Steve Bicknell joins the label on their latest series.

Steve Bick­nell is amid the four select­ed vision­airs to assist Chron­i­cle Records in pre­sent­ing their next chap­ter. Along­side Damon Wild, Ben Sims, and Tadeo, who each pro­vide one cut, the four explore the labels new con­cept that is deeply inspired by the idea of the unknown and the cosmos. 

These artists are amongst the few key fig­ures who estab­lished the foun­da­tions of Tech­no music and con­tin­ue to do so decades lat­er…. Their influ­ences are also unde­ni­able to the aes­thet­ics and sound of Chron­i­cle“ and so we are more then hon­ored to present each one of them on our new series.”

Steves addi­tion to the four-track var­i­ous artist EP comes in the form of Chap­ter Of Self’. The track is an orches­tra­tion of son­ic chaos, a clus­ter of synth-fueled ele­ments that cir­cuit a rolling coali­tion of kick and bass. Steve unques­tion­ably takes the con­cept of the EP in his stride with an unworld­ly and alien offer­ing of obscure tech­no. Test this one out in the pre­view below! 

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