Steve Bicknell lands on Chronicle Records VA EP

Never failing to impress, Steve Bicknell joins the label on their latest series. 

Steve Bicknell is amid the four selected visionairs to assist Chronicle Records in presenting their next chapter. Alongside Damon Wild, Ben Sims, and Tadeo, who each provide one cut, the four explore the labels new concept that is deeply inspired by the idea of the unknown and the cosmos. 

These artists are amongst the few key figures who established the foundations of Techno music and continue to do so decades later…. Their influences are also undeniable to the aesthetics and sound of “Chronicle“ and so we are more then honored to present each one of them on our new series.”

Steves addition to the four-track various artist EP comes in the form of ‘Chapter Of Self’. The track is an orchestration of sonic chaos, a cluster of synth-fueled elements that circuit a rolling coalition of kick and bass. Steve unquestionably takes the concept of the EP in his stride with an unworldly and alien offering of obscure techno. Test this one out in the preview below! 

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