Wata Igarashi remixes for Prins Thomas

Immerse yourself in two very opposite remixes from Wata Igarashi.

In the third chapter of remixes taken from Prins Thoman’s latest album, “5”, are four compelling alternatives. Firstly, are Wata Igarashi’s Exhale and Inhale remixes of Bronchi Beat that’s followed by an additional version from Orbe. Lastly, tieing off the four-track EP is Rivet’s remix of AE

As you might have guessed from the titles Wata’s two remixes possess contrasting idea’s. ‘The Exhale’ remix is deeply routed in finely tuned rolling low ends, trickling sequences and a healthy dose of sinister synth-fueled ingredients. This one is sure to be igniting dancefloors somewhere near you. However, ‘The Inhale’ remix is a beatless affair that breathes cinematic tones and textures as a result of Wata’s cunning use of soundscapes and layers. Expect a thrilling array of orbiting and intertwining synth lines! 

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