DJ Nobu collaborates as Nobusawa

Two prominent names in Japan’s bustling scene unit under this new project on Token Records.

DJ Nobu calls upon fellow Japanese veteran producer Katsunori Sawa for his latest collaboration Nobusawa. With Nobu hailing from the east, and Sawa from the west, the coming together of these artists “makes a strong statement” in regards to the flourishing of Japan’s scene. While both artists have spent years honing their own signature sound, as Nobusawa they “come together as a powerful production unit to deliver a stunning, cohesive record in line with the Token label’s more dissonant, razor edged output”. 

Their self-titled debut EP features two collaborative efforts and a solo offering from each artist. 

A1. Nobusawa - Raspberry 
A2. Katsunori Sawa - Call Scope 
B1. DJ Nobu - Peppercorns 
B2. Nobusawa - Decorative 17 

At present, you can sample “Raspberry ” in the preview below. Be warned though, this uncompromising peak time banger hits hard in its “polyrhythmic drum machine programming” and sets chilling tones thanks to a “warping lead synth line”. 

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