DJ Nobu collaborates as Nobusawa

Two promi­nent names in Japan’s bustling scene unit under this new project on Token Records.

DJ Nobu calls upon fel­low Japan­ese vet­er­an pro­duc­er Kat­sunori Sawa for his lat­est col­lab­o­ra­tion Nobu­sawa. With Nobu hail­ing from the east, and Sawa from the west, the com­ing togeth­er of these artists makes a strong state­ment” in regards to the flour­ish­ing of Japan’s scene. While both artists have spent years hon­ing their own sig­na­ture sound, as Nobu­sawa they come togeth­er as a pow­er­ful pro­duc­tion unit to deliv­er a stun­ning, cohe­sive record in line with the Token label’s more dis­so­nant, razor edged output”. 

Their self-titled debut EP fea­tures two col­lab­o­ra­tive efforts and a solo offer­ing from each artist. 

A1. Nobu­sawa — Rasp­ber­ry 
A2. Kat­sunori Sawa — Call Scope 
B1. DJ Nobu — Pep­per­corns 
B2. Nobu­sawa — Dec­o­ra­tive 17 

At present, you can sam­ple Rasp­ber­ry ” in the pre­view below. Be warned though, this uncom­pro­mis­ing peak time banger hits hard in its polyrhyth­mic drum machine pro­gram­ming” and sets chill­ing tones thanks to a warp­ing lead synth line”. 

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