In conversation with Peter Van Hoesen

The Patterns Of Perception crew sit down with the Belgian techno figure.

Ear­ly this year Peter launched his new label Cen­ter 91 which he stat­ed would reflect on his expe­ri­ences of the lates 90’s Bel­gian under­ground. In more recent news he released the album Impro­vi­sa­tions on an Elka Syn­thex’, a 31-minute min­i­mal­ist jour­ney of live exper­i­men­tal impro­vi­sa­tions on the leg­endary Elka Syn­thex syn­the­siz­er. With so many irons cur­rent­ly burn­ing in the fire, the Berlin-based out­fit Pat­terns Of Per­cep­tion sat down with Peter for a short exchange. 

Tun­ing in below you find Peter touch­es on his ethos on mak­ing elec­tron­ic music and its con­nec­tion to real­i­ty, his process of keep­ing him­self inspired in the stu­dio and final­ly his thoughts on club cul­ture. It’s short but very sweet. Tune in below. 

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