Interstellar Funk Obey Podcast

The Artificial Dance label boss puts together a podcast for Obey. 

Interstellar Funk serves up the 10th instalment of Obey’s podcast series. The LA-based clothing label has had its foot in the music industry for the best part of 15 years but have only launched their “Obey Records” podcast series earlier this year. Although in its infancy they have still managed to touch on a wide variety of the music landscape and now call upon the young Dutchman for a masterclass in obscure electronics. 

The hour-long affair opens with experimental sounds and moves onto that synth-heavy and darkly alluring style Interstellar Funk has honed in recent years. He keeps it refreshing and unpredictable as he showcases his devotion to the “imperfections and eccentricities associated with left-of-centre analogue machine music”. Expect heavy rhythms, breaking beats, gothic vocals and raw sequences. 

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