Jamie Tiller Crack Mix

Another essential mix from the Music From Memory boss man.

Jamie Tiller serves up more musi­cal delights in the 279th pod­cast for Crack. The plat­form also delve a lit­tle deep­er into the world of Jamie Tiller and his app­roc­ah to DJing with the fol­low­ing words:

With the inter­net allow­ing eas­i­er access to weird and won­der­ful tracks from all over the world, it can seem like the dig­ger is either super­flu­ous or so numer­ous as to be unwor­thy of note. But have you ever actu­al­ly tried to go dig­ging for music offline? It’s ardu­ous and painstak­ing, and only the most patient get enough of a kick from a rare find to endure the hours sift­ing through what­ev­er test press­ings and white labels flood­ed are being sold at their local mar­ket. Of those who do, Jamie Tiller sits high among the best to do it.”

True to his rep­u­ta­tion, Jamie deliv­ers a diverse but coher­ent mix that touch­es on a num­ber of dif­fer­ent styles and decades. When asked about the mix, Jamie said I didn’t real­ly plan this one out but thought it could be nice to make a mix that sits some­where between a lis­ten­ing mix and a dance mix. It end­ed up with a bit of a dub­by, trib­al, trancey feel to it; a mix of old, new and some tasty forth­com­ing bits from friends!”

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