Jamie Tiller Crack Mix

Another essential mix from the Music From Memory boss man.

Jamie Tiller serves up more musical delights in the 279th podcast for Crack. The platform also delve a little deeper into the world of Jamie Tiller and his approcah to DJing with the following words:

With the internet allowing easier access to weird and wonderful tracks from all over the world, it can seem like the digger is either superfluous or so numerous as to be unworthy of note. But have you ever actually tried to go digging for music offline? It’s arduous and painstaking, and only the most patient get enough of a kick from a rare find to endure the hours sifting through whatever test pressings and white labels flooded are being sold at their local market. Of those who do, Jamie Tiller sits high among the best to do it.”

True to his reputation, Jamie delivers a diverse but coherent mix that touches on a number of different styles and decades. When asked about the mix, Jamie said “I didn’t really plan this one out but thought it could be nice to make a mix that sits somewhere between a listening mix and a dance mix. It ended up with a bit of a dubby, tribal, trancey feel to it; a mix of old, new and some tasty forthcoming bits from friends!”

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