Max Abysmal If-Only Podcast

Escape into the unknown in this mysterious podcast for If-Only. 

Max Abysmal is back serving up more electronic rituals, this time for the online music outfit If-Only. Alongside the podcast, the If-Only crew stated “Max Abysmal is proof that tempo doesn’t necessarily dictate intensity in music. Most of what he touches bumps along around a modest 100 BPM, but an acolyte of rhythm and percussion first and foremost, pacing never diminishes the potency of his output.” 

True to form, the Amsterdam based Australian put together an hour-long “expansive trip through rhythm-focused esoterica”. Max sets voodoo type tones in the opening half of the mix with tribalistic sounds made up of chanting, drums and snake charming melodies. In the latter half of the podcast, he moves through a selection of electronic obscurities before closing things with a final offering of eerie beatless cuts. 

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