Sebastian Mullaert collaborates with Boelja

The Swedish purveyor of techno presents new concepts in this EP for Hypercolour. 

Sebastian Mullaert joins fellow Circle Of Live member Boelja for his return to Hypercolour. The ‘Who’ EP comes as a two-part vinyl release, with the second part only available to those who take part in the intriguing interactive website that accompanies the first outing. The site will be styled like an old  Macintosh programme that gives listeners an online quest while immersing themselves in the music. Only by completing the quest will you be able to find out how to purchase the second release. 

The first of the two EP’s, spread across three tracks, begins with title cut “Who?” which is a 20-minute long equipage through storytelling melodies backed pulsing bass notes and stripped drum patterns. “Did You Talk With The Ferryman?” is a soft touch, an atmospheric cut that is warm and inviting. Closing the EP off is “Are You This Fleeting Moment?” which makes great use of daunting vocals, subtle bass lines and sparse drum hits. Tune in below. 

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