Suzanne Kraft & Jonny Nash present MATstudio 2

The duo are back on Melody As Truth with their second outing as MATstudio.

Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash have been intensively collaborating over the past several years. Their latest project MATstudio is centred around the working processes in their shared Amsterdam based studio. They first presented the collaboration in February this year, as seen here, stating the outlet would be used to focus on improvisations, experiments and accidents coming out of their creative space.

The two tracks on the release are horizontally inclined ambient compositions that both stretch over 14 minutes long. “The Perishable Imagination” merges plucked instruments, warm pads, sparse hits and a heavy dose of delay painting a journey that stretches from a bright early morning into the dark of night. “Maybe This Is Something You Should Think About” follows suit in its use of sounds, however, tells a very different story. It’s more withdrawn in its opening chapters but slowly develops into light rhythms and sweet melodies as the track progresses. Check this one out below and catch them playing together at Motel Campo in Geneva next month (June 15th). 

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