The Ransome Note premiere forthcoming SK U Kno

More news on the next release from Suzanne Kraft

Online music outlet The Ransome Note provides the second premier of Suzanne Kraft’s next outing as SK U Kno. Following on from the premiere of “RAMZi & SK U Kno - Founded (SK Mix)”, covered here, the second teaser shines light on the EP’s opening cut “Shopbeat”. 

The mall was packed full of people on what was a hugely busy Saturday afternoon - they wandered between bright glowing shopfronts with wasted purpose. The shopbeat they called it, the latest trend. From high end fashion through to low end electronics, it was everywhere and everybody wanted a little piece of the new. The glowing figures danced in the windows enticing potential customers inward to buy their useless products. Money poured from the pockets and this was to be the day it was spent…”

Tuning in below you will be greeted with off-kilter rhythms, finely tuned percussion and hard-hitting offbeat kick and bass hits. The cut is predominantly a beat track but does have short spells of toying with pads, chimes and stab notes. In such a stripped backed affair Suzanne Kraft provides all the magic in a very creative and storytelling mixing process. Keep an eye out for this one dropping later this month. 

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