The Ransome Note premiere forthcoming SK U Kno

More news on the next release from Suzanne Kraft.

Online music out­let The Ran­some Note pro­vides the sec­ond pre­mier of Suzanne Kraft’s next out­ing as SK U Kno. Fol­low­ing on from the pre­mière of RAMZi & SK U Kno — Found­ed (SK Mix)”, cov­ered here, the sec­ond teas­er shines light on the EP’s open­ing cut Shop­beat”. 

The mall was packed full of peo­ple on what was a huge­ly busy Sat­ur­day after­noon — they wan­dered between bright glow­ing shopfronts with wast­ed pur­pose. The shop­beat they called it, the lat­est trend. From high end fash­ion through to low end elec­tron­ics, it was every­where and every­body want­ed a lit­tle piece of the new. The glow­ing fig­ures danced in the win­dows entic­ing poten­tial cus­tomers inward to buy their use­less prod­ucts. Mon­ey poured from the pock­ets and this was to be the day it was spent…”

Tun­ing in below you will be greet­ed with off-kil­ter rhythms, fine­ly tuned per­cus­sion and hard-hit­ting off­beat kick and bass hits. The cut is pre­dom­i­nant­ly a beat track but does have short spells of toy­ing with pads, chimes and stab notes. In such a stripped backed affair Suzanne Kraft pro­vides all the mag­ic in a very cre­ative and sto­ry­telling mix­ing process. Keep an eye out for this one drop­ping lat­er this month. 

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