It's time to go Cooking with Palms Trax

It smells good and tastes even bet­ter. Check out what Palms Trax has cook­ing in the kitchen. 

Just when you were look­ing for that sound­track to accom­pa­ny your forth­com­ing sum­mer adven­tures Palms Trax steps up and deliv­ers the goods. Now reach­ing an almost cult fol­low­ing sta­tus the Cook­ing With Palms Trax radio show nev­er fails to hit the mark. Orig­i­nal­ly found­ed on Berlin Com­mu­ni­ty Radio, the show now resides on NTS with this being its 6th edi­tion since find­ing its new home. 

Always packed with fresh releas­es, and ful­ly road test­ed num­bers by the man him­self, the Cook­ing With Palms Trax show is con­sis­tent­ly a refresh­ing blend of the old, the new and the cur­rent. In this endavour, the Eng­lish selec­tor touch­es on the sounds from a num­ber of con­ti­nents while time trav­el­ling through the last sev­er­al decades. Fol­low­ing a sooth­ing and long­wind­ed intro­duc­tion Palms Trax gets busy mov­ing through a wide selec­tion of high­ly seduc­tive grooves. The show takes many twists and turns but one recur­ring theme through­out is that sun shin­ing, dance­floor-ready, hip-swing­ing style Palms Trax has mas­tered to a tee in recent years. Expect dis­co rar­i­ties, African gems and housey good­ness all tied togeth­er with that Palms Trax zesty sum­mer dressing. 

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