Jordan GCZ feat. Dreamcast live

Tune into a recording of Jordan GCZ playing live at Shelter, Amsterdam for the Rush Hour Weekender. 

Jordan GCZ got down to serious business at the latest Rush Hour Weekender here in Amsterdam last month. His improvised live performance was a compelling addition to the Saturday evening line up at Shelter and thankfully was captured in a high-quality recording. You can now relive this one via Ben UFO and his latest Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM

On the night and true to his reputation Jordan orchestrated a 100% improvised live set featuring the occasional spontaneous vocal work of American based artist Dreamcast. Jordan’s impulsive narrative cross-pollinated between dreamy playful house and a melodic offering of techno. It’s very much a journey of highs and lows that moves through atmospheric textures but also darker tones. Check it out from 21:21 below. 

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