LSD launch record label with a double-pack release

The techno supergroup is launching their own imprint. 

Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and David ‘Function’ Sumner are LSD. Each one of these artists, in their own right, has made a profound impact on techno over the past twenty years. Now, as they unite into one creative force, they walk the line between DJing and live performing while emphasizing the cross-pollination of each member’s style and rhythmic sensibility. 

Following on from their debut EP “Process” in 2017 that landed Osgut Ton, the trio will now launch their own self titled label that will become the platform for their future outings. To mark the occasions the group have prepared a six-track double pack that’s oozing in pure techno sounds. 

Their new collaborative double pack carries on where the debut left off with six tracks of melodic and mind-melting techno with surreal atmospheres and propulsive drum programming that takes you into the next dimension.”

A1. Process 4 
A2. Process 5 
B1. Process 6 
C1. Process 7 
D1 Process 8 
D2 Process 9 

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