LSD launch record label with a double-pack release

The tech­no super­group is launch­ing their own imprint. 

Luke Slater, Steve Bick­nell and David Func­tion’ Sum­n­er are LSD. Each one of these artists, in their own right, has made a pro­found impact on tech­no over the past twen­ty years. Now, as they unite into one cre­ative force, they walk the line between DJing and live per­form­ing while empha­siz­ing the cross-pol­li­na­tion of each member’s style and rhyth­mic sensibility. 

Fol­low­ing on from their debut EP Process” in 2017 that land­ed Osgut Ton, the trio will now launch their own self titled label that will become the plat­form for their future out­ings. To mark the occa­sions the group have pre­pared a six-track dou­ble pack that’s ooz­ing in pure tech­no sounds. 

Their new col­lab­o­ra­tive dou­ble pack car­ries on where the debut left off with six tracks of melod­ic and mind-melt­ing tech­no with sur­re­al atmos­pheres and propul­sive drum pro­gram­ming that takes you into the next dimension.”

A1. Process 4 
A2. Process 5 
B1. Process 6 
C1. Process 7 
D1 Process 8 
D2 Process 9 

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