LSD live at Movement Detroit

Resident Advisor invited LSD to stream from their underground stage at Movement Festival. 

Movement is one of North America’s most iconic festivals housed in the birthplace of techno Michigan, Detroit. This year Resident Advisor hosted the “Underground Stage” where they invited a wealth of talent from across the globe. A particular highlight of their programming for the stage was the inclusion of techno supergroup LSD, read more about the group here

To bring you quickly up to speed, LSD is the coming together of three techno veterans in Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and David ‘Function’ Sumner. As a group, they walk the line between DJing and live performing while emphasizing the cross-pollination of each member’s style and rhythmic sensibility. And at this year’s Movement, they did exactly that. Tuning into the one and a half hour recording below you will find it only takes them a couple of minutes to erupt into an all-out techno assault. Racing through well above the 130 bpm mark the trio merges freaky synth lines and sequences alongside uncompromising drum programming as they plunge you into the depths of dancefloor mania. 

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