Orpheu The Wizard The Ransome Note mix

All types of unpredictable and highly effective wizardry in this mix from Amsterdam’s most notorious sorcerer. 

Soaring in with the latest mix for The Ransome Note is the one and only Orpheu The Wizard. Credited as “a pivotal figure in the development of the scene” here in Amsterdam, Orpheu is widely recognised for his diverse selections and as one of the founding fathers of Red Light Radio.

The hour-long affair starts off with ritualistic tones as Orpheu sets the vibe for the journey ahead. Once he’s locked you in, he moves through a playful selection of groove filled jams featuring slapping basslines, sweet melodies and tribal percussion. As we start to reach the midpoint Orpheu invites heavier rhythms touching on a number of leftfield jams and oddball electronics with compelling results. It’s a very coherent mix that gets you moving at all the rights moments but still has its segments of getting deep and introspective. 

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