Orpheu The Wizard The Ransome Note mix

All types of unpredictable and highly effective wizardry in this mix from Amsterdam's most notorious sorcerer.

Soar­ing in with the lat­est mix for The Ran­some Note is the one and only Orpheu The Wiz­ard. Cred­it­ed as a piv­otal fig­ure in the devel­op­ment of the scene” here in Ams­ter­dam, Orpheu is wide­ly recog­nised for his diverse selec­tions and as one of the found­ing fathers of Red Light Radio.

The hour-long affair starts off with rit­u­al­is­tic tones as Orpheu sets the vibe for the jour­ney ahead. Once he’s locked you in, he moves through a play­ful selec­tion of groove filled jams fea­tur­ing slap­ping basslines, sweet melodies and trib­al per­cus­sion. As we start to reach the mid­point Orpheu invites heav­ier rhythms touch­ing on a num­ber of left­field jams and odd­ball elec­tron­ics with com­pelling results. It’s a very coher­ent mix that gets you mov­ing at all the rights moments but still has its seg­ments of get­ting deep and introspective. 

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