Suzanne Kraft Motel Campo Podcast

The LA native serves up 75 minutes of Disco and Boogie in this podcast for Motel Campo. 

In light of his trip to Geneva to play for the Motel Campo crew, alongside partner in crime Jonny Nash, Suzanne Kraft delivered a very tidy podcast for the Swiss outfit. It came prepped as a teaser for the pair’s back to back all night long set that took place this past weekend. 

Locking into the mix you will find Suzanne Kraft showcasing his affection for and undeniable knowledge of Disco, Boogie and sounds alike. It’s 75 minutes of tasteful grooves, slapping bass lines and tight mixes all wrapped up with an air of the summer solstice that is soon upon us. If you’re looking for a mix to put a spring in your step for the sunny season then look no further! 

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