Wata Igarashi Truants podcast

Wata Igarashi serves up an unmerciful podcast for the Truancy series. 

Ahead of his forthcoming EP on The Bunker NY, see here, Wata Igarashi serves up the latest Truants podcast with diligent care. Alongside this compelling mix comes an insightful interview, here, and some very kind words from the Traunts crew. 

Wata Igarashi is a force of nature. His impeccably produced records and hypnotic DJ sets straddle a thoroughly menacing and tense atmosphere with that of deeper, more transcendent moments of utter beauty. He is now undoubtedly one of the most gifted and essential voices in modern techno. Evidenced by our most recent run of Truancy Volumes (Batu, Clarke Price & Peter Van Hoesen) all including tracks from Wata in their mixes, his singular yet versatile sound is being rightly appreciated by a diverse group of artists and audiences across the world.” 

Tuning into the mix, see below, you will find Wata playing true to his reputation as he pieces together hypnotic ideas with deep textures. The 70-minute long endeavour kicks off with freaked out sequences, rolling low ends and an element of psychedelia.  As we hit the midpoint the tone becomes more sinister and the energy intensifies as Wata heavy-handedly makes his way to the finish line.  

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