Wata Igarashi Truants podcast

Wata Igarashi serves up an unmer­ci­ful pod­cast for the Tru­an­cy series. 

Ahead of his forth­com­ing EP on The Bunker NY, see here, Wata Igarashi serves up the lat­est Tru­ants pod­cast with dili­gent care. Along­side this com­pelling mix comes an insight­ful inter­view, here, and some very kind words from the Traunts crew. 

Wata Igarashi is a force of nature. His impec­ca­bly pro­duced records and hyp­not­ic DJ sets strad­dle a thor­ough­ly men­ac­ing and tense atmos­phere with that of deep­er, more tran­scen­dent moments of utter beau­ty. He is now undoubt­ed­ly one of the most gift­ed and essen­tial voic­es in mod­ern tech­no. Evi­denced by our most recent run of Tru­an­cy Vol­umes (Batu, Clarke Price & Peter Van Hoe­sen) all includ­ing tracks from Wata in their mix­es, his sin­gu­lar yet ver­sa­tile sound is being right­ly appre­ci­at­ed by a diverse group of artists and audi­ences across the world.” 

Tun­ing into the mix, see below, you will find Wata play­ing true to his rep­u­ta­tion as he pieces togeth­er hyp­not­ic ideas with deep tex­tures. The 70-minute long endeav­our kicks off with freaked out sequences, rolling low ends and an ele­ment of psy­che­delia. As we hit the mid­point the tone becomes more sin­is­ter and the ener­gy inten­si­fies as Wata heavy-hand­ed­ly makes his way to the fin­ish line. 

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