Welcome Young Marco!

It comes with great joy to welcome another local legend to the Octopus family…Young Marco!

It now seems a long time since DJ/producer Marco Sterk AKA Young Marco was one of the Amsterdam underground’s best-kept secrets. Although he spent the best part of a decade honing his craft, Marco has been headline news since the turn of the decade and his upward trajectory shows no signs of stopping.

Over the past few years, Marco spent more time in the air than he did on the ground, crisscrossing the globe to perform genre-defying DJ sets and working the dancefloor with both unexpected twists and “unclassics”. One night, you might hear tropical rhythms, Afro-percussion cuts and Middle Eastern disco obscurities; on another, techno, synth-funk or industrial strength jack-tracks.

Summer 2019 sees the imminent release of Marco’s second album to date ‘Bahasa’, a contribution to ‘Island of the Gods’ ‘Island Explorer’ series which he produced following an extensive trip to his late Grandfather’s home country of Indonesia. Listen to the album here.

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