Welcome Young Marco!

It comes with great joy to wel­come anoth­er local leg­end to the Octo­pus fam­i­ly…Young Mar­co!

It now seems a long time since DJ/​producer Mar­co Sterk AKA Young Mar­co was one of the Ams­ter­dam underground’s best-kept secrets. Although he spent the best part of a decade hon­ing his craft, Mar­co has been head­line news since the turn of the decade and his upward tra­jec­to­ry shows no signs of stopping.

Over the past few years, Mar­co spent more time in the air than he did on the ground, criss­cross­ing the globe to per­form genre-defy­ing DJ sets and work­ing the dance­floor with both unex­pect­ed twists and unclas­sics”. One night, you might hear trop­i­cal rhythms, Afro-per­cus­sion cuts and Mid­dle East­ern dis­co obscu­ri­ties; on anoth­er, tech­no, synth-funk or indus­tri­al strength jack-tracks.

Sum­mer 2019 sees the immi­nent release of Mar­co’s sec­ond album to date Bahasa’, a con­tri­bu­tion to Island of the Gods’ Island Explor­er’ series which he pro­duced fol­low­ing an exten­sive trip to his late Grandfather’s home coun­try of Indone­sia. Lis­ten to the album here.

For all requests, please con­tact Matt here. 

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